Shikizakura Songs Lyrics

Shikizakura Songs Lyrics


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Shikizakura Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:シキザクラ


Released on year:2010

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:13


Step into the enchanting world of Shikizakura, where vibrant cherry blossoms gracefully mingle with the rich hues of autumn foliage. Within this mystical realm, where the boundary between the human and spiritual realms blurs, a daring mission to safeguard humanity is about to unfold... Enter Kakeru Miwa, an ordinary high school student whose life takes an extraordinary twist. Against all odds, he finds himself thrust into an extraordinary team of power-suited warriors, embarking on a valiant quest to vanquish the malevolent Oni. These insidious beings seek to possess unsuspecting humans and infiltrate our world. Only the formidable Yoroi power suits, infused with ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology, possess the might to shield humanity from these nightmarish entities. With resolute determination, Kakeru embraces his newfound destiny as a hero, vowing to protect Ouka Myoujin, the chosen priestess destined to save our very existence. Behold the breathtaking spectacle of Shikizakura's seasonal cycle. Witness Ouka's graceful dance amidst a tapestry of cherry blossoms and swirling fall leaves. Prepare to be enthralled by thrilling heroic exploits, where the boundaries of time and space converge, and where hopes, dreams, and the interplay between the material and spiritual worlds intertwine. Welcome to an extraordinary adventure that transcends the ordinary. Brace yourself as the epic saga of Shikizakura takes flight!