Shin Getta Robo Songs Lyrics

Shin Getta Robo Songs Lyrics


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Shin Getta Robo Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Shin Getta Robo


Released on year:2016

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


In a distant time, long after the glorious triumph over the formidable Reptilian Empire, the indomitable Getter Team finds themselves embarking on a poignant journey. Their mission? To mould and train the assemblage of metal and circuitry that is Neo Getter Robo—one of the finest super robots known to mankind. However, their resolute march towards progress is suddenly twisted by an unforeseen strike from the untamed leader of the Empire, who has surreptitiously awakened from the inky depths of history. This unexpected assault compels our valiant team to unleash a daring plan—they must seek a new ally, one who holds the key to their salvation. Enter Go Ichimonji, a world-weary street fighter gifted with unparalleled combat prowess. His audacious spirit and martial artistry make him the ideal pilot for the mighty Getter One. Forthrightly propelled into this epic battle for survival, our newly formed crew must confront an adversary of unfathomable might. Yet, in the midst of darkness, the team clings to a glimmer of hope. Inspired by ancient legends and driven by an unyielding determination, they embark upon the daunting odyssey of resurrecting the greatest weapon humanity has ever known—the legendary Shin Getter Robo. With the fate of humanity precariously balanced on the scales, steadfast camaraderie, relentless training, and the revival of an awe-inspiring machine become their only beacon of light. Brace yourself, for the battle for existence has only just begun, as the legacy of Getter Team transcends time and space.