Shine Post Songs Lyrics

Shine Post Songs Lyrics


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Shine Post Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Shine Post

Also Called:シャインポスト


Released on year:2022

Released in:Summer


The curtain falls upon TiNgS, the idol unit formed by the talented trio of Haru Nabatame, Rio Seibu, and Kyouka Tamaki. Their journey teeters on the edge of dissolution, with the imminent disbandment haunting their aspirations. But a glimmer of hope flickers in the form of an extraordinary opportunity. The trio's idol careers, teetering on the precipice, hang in the balance. Only if TiNgS can rally a staggering audience of two thousand for their forthcoming anniversary concert will their dreams be resurrected. A seemingly insurmountable task, given their past attendance record, which barely grazed a paltry 37 individuals. Enter Naoki Hinase, a luminary manager tasked with reviving TiNgS and guiding them towards triumph. Despite initial hesitations rooted in past disappointments, Naoki senses Haru's unwavering dedication to the realm of idols. An extraordinary ability bolsters his conviction—a superpower to perceive the gleam of sincerity, unraveling the veil of deception. Driven by an unyielding determination, Haru envisions a world where adoration and admiration for idols permeate every corner. Embarking on a perilous quest, she resolves to be the radiant beacon that leads the way—illuminating the path to fulfill her dream. With Naoki's guidance, TiNgS prepares for a spectacle destined to captivate the hearts of thousands—a milestone in their collective journey as idols.


Shine Post, an anime marvel, stands bold as a captivating realization of the multimedia project bearing the same name by esteemed creators Konami Digital Entertainment and Straight Edge. Its story unfolds with an air of mystique, enticing audiences into a world of boundless imagination and profound emotion.