Shinobanai! Crypto Ninja Sakuya Songs Lyrics

忍ばない! クリプトニンジャ咲耶
Shinobanai! Crypto Ninja Sakuya Songs Lyrics


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Shinobanai! Crypto Ninja Sakuya Songs

Anime Information

Title:Shinobanai! Crypto Ninja Sakuya

Also Called:忍ばない! クリプトニンジャ咲耶


Released on year:2023

Released in:Fall


The sacred Crypto Scroll, residing within the illustrious ninja stronghold of Kouka, has been unlawfully plundered, instigating a thrilling clash of titans amidst the realm of covert warriors. Unbeknownst to them, fate has intertwined the destinies of three extraordinary individuals: Sakuya, Nemu, and Xiaolan. Thrust into an unforeseen predicament, they are compelled to merge their formidable powers as they embark on an extraordinary journey that will defy the boundaries of their previously ordinary lives.