Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula Songs Lyrics

Future GPX Cyber Formula
Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula Songs Lyrics


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Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula Songs
Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula Opening Lyrics Future GPX Cyber Formula Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula

Also Called:Future GPX Cyber Formula


Released on year:1991

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:37


Kazami Hayato, the incredibly talented 14-year-old prodigy, stands as the rising star in the exhilarating world of Cyber Formula. His sheer determination and unparalleled skills have granted him the honor of being the youngest driver to ever grace the prestigious Cyber Formula Grand Prix. With his unwavering ambition fueling the flames of his racing dreams, Hayato sets his sights on conquering the remarkable 10th installment of this epic competition. Guided by the cutting-edge Asurada, a groundbreaking cybernavigation system, and supported by the esteemed team Sugo, Hayato dares to surpass the limits of velocity and seize his rightful place at the pinnacle of victory. Yet, in this heart-racing journey, he uncovers a truth far greater than mere racing supremacy – he must uncover the essence of a true competitor, understanding that triumph is not solely determined by the machinery beneath him. Facing a myriad of challenges along the course, Hayato must earn the respect of seasoned veterans, thwart the malicious schemes of those who seek to snatch his precious Asurada, and even navigate through races beyond the realm of Cyber Formula. Will our tenacious hero triumph against all odds and etch his name into racing history? Only time will unveil the answer, as we plunge headfirst into this electrifying tale of speed, passion, and unwavering drive.


The anime series emerged victorious, claiming the prestigious Anime Grand Prix Award in 1991, presented by Animage.