Shou-Koushi CEDIE Songs Lyrics

Shou-Koushi CEDIE Songs Lyrics


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Shou-Koushi CEDIE Songs
Shou-Koushi CEDIE OVA Lyrics and other songs OVA Lyrics and other songs

Anime Information

Title:Shou-Koushi CEDIE


Released on year:2021

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:8


In the mesmerizing world of Mushishi, there exists a mysterious and captivating life form known as the "Mushi." These enigmatic entities transcend the confines of traditional notions of good and evil, existing solely for the purpose of... well, existing. Taking on various forms, these primordial beings effortlessly mimic the wonders of nature - from the delicate petals of flowers to the ominous presence of diseases, and even the breathtaking spectacle of rainbow-hued phenomena. However, venturing into the intricate realm of the Mushi proved to be a challenge, both in terms of comprehension and documentation. For the unaware masses, knowledge about these elusive creatures remains scarce, cloaked in an aura of secrecy. Enter the indomitable figure of the "Mushishi" – a dedicated researcher named Ginko who relentlessly pursues the truth behind the existence of Mushi, yearning to unravel their enigmatic purpose in the intricate tapestry of life. As whispers of peculiar happenings circulate, Ginko eagerly follows these leads, driven by an unwavering thirst for knowledge. For who knows, delving into the world of the Mushi might eventually unveil the very essence and significance of our own existence.


Mushishi is a captivating animated series that brings to life the mesmerizing world of Yuki Urushibara's acclaimed manga. This exquisite adaptation encapsulates the essence of the manga's first 26 chapters, captivating viewers with its unique storytelling approach. Each episode presents a standalone story, meticulously crafted and presented in a distinct order from the original manga. Receiving well-deserved recognition, Mushishi was honored with the prestigious Tokyo Anime Award in the Television category in 2006. Its gripping narrative and enchanting visuals captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. The series made its debut on October 23, 2005, only to temporarily halt its broadcast after airing 20 episodes on March 12, 2006. However, the show returned with great anticipation on May 15 to treat audiences with the remaining six episodes, wrapping up the spellbinding journey on June 19, 2006.