SHUFFLE! Songs Lyrics

SHUFFLE! Songs Lyrics


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Anime Information


Also Called:シャッフル!


Released on year:2007

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


In the realm of Gods, Demons, and Humans, an extraordinary tale unfolds. Meet Tsuchimi Rin, an ordinary yet devoted high school student at Verbena Academy. His tranquil existence takes an astonishing turn when the fates intertwine him with the illustrious families of Gods and Demons, who become his unexpected next-door neighbors. Amidst this incredible twist of fate, Rin finds himself becoming the object of affection for Sia, the alluring daughter of Gods, and Nerine, the captivating daughter of Demons. Little does he know that both Sia and Nerine have fallen deeply in love with him, their destinies forever entwined since their first encounter. Furthermore, Rin's life takes a delightful turn with the arrival of Asa, a spirited upperclassman, and the enchanting Primula, whose silence conceals her irresistible charm. Embark on a captivating adventure as Rin must navigate the intricate threads of love and desire, caught amidst the intertwined hearts of these extraordinary girls. Based on the beloved eroge by Navel, immerse yourself in a world where Gods, Demons, and Humans collide, and watch as Rin's ordinary life transforms into an extraordinary romance beyond imagination.