Silent Mobius Songs Lyrics

Silent Mobius Songs Lyrics


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Silent Mobius Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Silent Mobius


Released on year:1998

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:26


In the depths of his wild and rebellious youth, a mischievous elementary school student named Shouya Ishida would do anything to escape the clutches of boredom. Unfortunately, this led him down a dark and cruel path, where he and his classmates targeted an innocent girl named Shouko Nishimiya, who happened to be deaf. Their thoughtless acts of bullying were driven by their own amusement and lack of understanding, causing irreparable harm to Shouko's well-being. When Shouko's concerned mother intervened and brought the matter to the school's attention, Shouya found himself shouldering the blame for all their heartless transgressions. Soon after, Shouko was transferred to another school, leaving Shouya at the mercy of his remorseless classmates and apathetic teachers who turned a blind eye to the torment he endured during his years in elementary and middle school. Fast forward to his third year of high school, and Shouya remains haunted by the ghosts of his past misdeeds. Profoundly regretting his actions, he embarks on a soul-searching journey of redemption, seeking earnestly for a chance to reunite with Shouko and make amends for the pain he inflicted upon her. Yet, his path to salvation is anything but smooth as he continues to grapple with the lingering shadows of his past. Koe no Katachi weaves a touching and poignant narrative that delves into Shouya's profound desire to find redemption and reconcile with Shouko. It is a tale of second chances, as he navigates the complexities of his personal growth and is faced with the constant reminders of his previous wrongdoings. Will Shouya's genuine efforts and determination be enough to bridge the gap between them and pave the way for healing? Join us as we witness the inspiring journey of forgiveness and self-discovery in this remarkable anime story.


Koe no Katachi, an outstanding masterpiece, has garnered numerous awards for its unparalleled brilliance. In 2016, it seized the prestigious Japanese Movie Critics Awards for Best Animation Feature Film, leaving a profound impact on both critics and audiences. The same year, it also claimed the renowned Japanese Academy Award for Excellent Animation of the Year, solidifying its status as a trailblazer in the industry. The Tokyo Anime Award Festival of 2017 witnessed Koe no Katachi's triumph, earning the coveted title of Anime of the Year (movie), along with the esteemed accolade for Best Screenplay / Original Story, a testament to the exceptional talent of its renowned writer, Reiko Yoshida. Further recognition for this phenomenal work came at the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2017, where it achieved the esteemed Excellence Award in the Animation Division. This outstanding achievement added to the film's already stellar honors. Notably, Koe no Katachi also captured the hearts of critics and audiences alike, receiving the distinguished Best Animation of the Year award at the Japan Movie Critics Awards in 2017. Its spellbinding impact extended beyond Japan's borders, as it was reverently awarded the Feature Film category at the esteemed Camera Japan Festival in 2017. Truly, Koe no Katachi's captivating storytelling and extraordinary animation continue to captivate and amaze viewers from all corners of the globe.