Slam Dunk Songs Lyrics

Slam Dunk Songs Lyrics


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Slam Dunk Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Slam Dunk

Also Called:スラムダンク


Released on year:1997

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:26


Hanamichi Sakuragi, renowned for his fiery temper, towering stature, and vibrant crimson hair, enrolls at the esteemed Shohoku High School with aspirations of finding love and breaking his unfortunate streak of facing rejection a staggering 50 times during his middle school years. However, his reputation as a troublemaker precedes him, resulting in him being shunned by most of his fellow students. Nonetheless, fate takes an intriguing turn, setting the stage for Hanamichi's transformative journey. One fateful day, he encounters Haruko Akagi, a captivating young woman who remains blissfully unaware of his mischievous past. Intrigued by her presence, Hanamichi is immediately smitten and impulsively declares his affection. To his surprise, she poses a question about basketball, forever altering the course of his life. Refusing to let the opportunity slip away, he emphatically professes his love for the sport, not fully understanding the consequences that lie ahead. Guided by Haruko's curiosity, Hanamichi finds himself led to the hallowed grounds of the school's gymnasium. It is here that she challenges him to perform an awe-inspiring slam dunk, a testament to his athleticism. Bursting with determination to impress his newfound muse, he leaps into action, only to overshoot and collide headfirst with the unforgiving blackboard. Despite the setback, Haruko's revelation of Hanamichi's exceptional physical prowess catches the attention of the basketball team's captain, drawing him inexorably into the world of hoops, a realm he had previously held animosity towards. As he embarks on this unexpected journey, Hanamichi becomes intricately entwined in the camaraderie and fierce competition of the sport he once despised. The triumphant echoes of the basketball court beckon him forward, where new friendships, challenges, and self-discovery await, all in pursuit of a love that ignited a passion within him he never knew existed.