Slayers Songs Lyrics

The Slayers | Slayers TV | スレイヤーズ
Slayers Songs Lyrics


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Slayers Songs

Anime Information


Also Called:The Slayers | Slayers TV | スレイヤーズ


Released on year:2019

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:26


In a realm brimming with sorcery and treacherous allure, the indomitable enchantress known as Lina Inverse roams the lands, fearlessly plundering riches from ill-fated brigands who dare cross her path. However, her latest encounter takes an unexpected turn when a notorious gang of thieves, still nursing their wounds from a previous encounter, lie in wait, thirsting for vengeance. Just as Lina is poised to effortlessly vanquish her would-be assailants, a captivating swordsman by the name of Gourry Gabriev emerges from the shadows, boldly declaring his presence. Driven by a chivalrous yet naïve motive to rescue what he perceives as a damsel in distress, Gourry valiantly confronts the band of brigands, dispatching them with remarkable skill and swiftness. Inspired by his audacious heroism, Lina finds herself reluctantly accepting his offer to be her escort to the illustrious Atlas City. Unbeknownst to our intrepid duo, Lina unknowingly possesses a coveted and immensely powerful magical artifact among her recently acquired spoils. Consequently, two enigmatic figures, with shady intentions veiled in secrecy, embark on a relentless pursuit of Lina and her self-proclaimed guardian, in their relentless quest to acquire this formidable item. In this grand odyssey, woven with perilous threads, where the destiny of an entire world teeters on a precipice, Lina and Gourry embark upon an awe-inspiring adventure unlike any other, where the stakes are high and the forces of good and evil collide in an epic struggle for dominion.