Slayers Excellent Songs Lyrics

スレイヤーズ えくせれんと
Slayers Excellent Songs Lyrics


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Slayers Excellent Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Slayers Excellent

Also Called:スレイヤーズ えくせれんと


Released on year:1998

Num Episodes:3


Embark on a thrilling journey into the early escapades of the legendary Lina Inverse and her captivating rival, Naga the Serpent. Delve into their initial encounter that sets the stage for a remarkable saga. Brace yourself as these charismatic characters face their maiden adventure, crossing paths with a mysterious vampire during a daring rescue mission. Intrigue deepens as Lina, offering her formidable skills as a bodyguard, becomes entangled in the intricate affairs of a wealthy gentleman's daughter, the spirited Sirene. Initially enticed by the promise of ample recompense, Lina's enthusiasm quickly wanes when her hard-earned gains vanish into thin air under Sirene's carefree spending. Determined to teach her capricious charge a valuable lesson, Lina orchestrates a faux kidnapping. However, fate takes an unexpected turn as Lina herself falls into real peril, necessitating an unlikely alliance with the enigmatic Naga to bring Sirene safely home. Prepare for the grand finale, where rivalries are reinvented on a sartorial battlefield. Lina and Naga find themselves inadvertently pitted against each other, fighting on opposite sides of a fierce fashion war. In this extraordinary anime, immerse yourself in a tapestry of humor, action, and suspense, as Lina and Naga's destinies intertwine in unforgettable ways.