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So路Ra路No路Wo路To Lyrics
Title: So路Ra路No路Wo路To
Released on year:2010
Released in:Winter
Num Episodes:12


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The peaceful town of Seize lies on the outskirts of the Helvetia countryside. People go about their daily lives on their cobbled streets, undisturbed by the increasingly strained military relations between Helvetia and the neighboring Roman Empire.It is in these circumstances that the Helvetian army's 1121st platoon, stationed at the Clocktower Fortress in Seize, is receiving a new recruit from the young, energetic Kanata Sorami. Having joined the military to fulfill her vision of learning to play the bugle, she enthusiastically embraces Sergeant Major's tutelage, Rio Kazumiya, who happens to be a professional trumpet player.
The aloof mechanics, Noël Kannagi, the feisty gunner, Kureha Suminoya, and the caring Captain Felicia Heideman are working alongside them; together they witness the beauty of life at Seize and the enduring happiness of a culture that has persevered amid the collapsing world around them.


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