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Sol Bianca Lyrics
Title: Sol Bianca
Released on year:1990
Num Episodes:2


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Five female pirates pilot the Sol Bianca, a starship with a technology higher than any other known. They try riches with it, such as the Gnosis, a legendary item of strength, and pasha, the galaxy's most valuable mineral. They will, along the way, find a journey to save the one he loves and take vengeance on those who have wronged them.

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Sol Bianca ( ソルビアンカ, Sorubianka ) was published in 1990 and 1991 as a two-volume Japanese OVA series. It was directed in collaboration with AIC by Katsuhito Akiyama and Hiroki Hayashi. Sol Bianca: The Legacy is an OVA revival of this series with six episodes.The name of the OVA is also the name of the ship that serves as both the home and the interstellar headquarters for a notorious all-female pirate band. They know from the greatest find, thanks to a stowaway who hides himself on board their ship during one of their raids: the Gnosis ( ソルビアンカ, Sorubianka ), an item reputedly from the old Earth itself.

Sadly for them, the Gnosis happens to be in the possession of Emperor Batros, the ruthless dictator of planet Tres ( ソルビアンカ, Sorubianka ) who, as a result of his military invasion of neighboring planet Uno, is executing vast numbers of enemies, actual or suspected. Armed with a bit of luck, a sniper gun that can fire from the orbit, and a technically advanced car, Sol Bianca's crew are about to compete for the top prize of all..

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