Sonny Boy Songs Lyrics

Sonny Boy Songs Lyrics


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Sonny Boy Songs
Sonny Boy Opening Lyrics サニーボーイ Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Sonny Boy

Also Called:サニーボーイ


Released on year:2017

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


In an extraordinary turn of events, a group of thirty-six students suddenly find themselves adrift in a realm unknown, their very school building floating in an abyssal void. What incites even further intrigue is the emergence of supernatural abilities within some of these students, causing a deep rift amongst the group. As the student council endeavors to maintain order, they collide with those who wield special powers, sparking a rebellion against their strict control. Amidst this internal strife, a startling realization dawns upon them: this enigmatic world has its own intricate set of rules, a code that must be deciphered and adhered to if they are to survive. Brimming with courage, one of the students takes a leap of faith, triggering yet another dimension-shifting event. Now, compelled to face the unique challenges and peculiar circumstances of each world they encounter, the students must unravel the profound mysteries entwined within this phenomenon while earnestly seeking a way to return to their familiar realm.


Sonny Boy, an extraordinary anime series, is born from the brilliant mind of director Shingo Natsume, known for his remarkable work on One Punch Man and Space Dandy. This intriguing series made its grand debut on Funimation's YouTube channel on June 19th, captivating audiences right from the start. The regular broadcasting of Sonny Boy commenced on July 16th, promising a thrilling journey for fans to embark upon. Notably, Sonny Boy has already received prestigious recognition, earning the highly esteemed Excellence Award at the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival. With such accolades, it's clear that this anime is destined to take viewers on an unforgettable and captivating adventure like no other.