Sorcerer Hunters Songs Lyrics

Bakuretsu Hunter | 爆れつハンター
Sorcerer Hunters Songs Lyrics


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Sorcerer Hunters Songs
Sorcerer Hunters Opening Lyrics Bakuretsu Hunter | 爆れつハンター Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Sorcerer Hunters

Also Called:Bakuretsu Hunter | 爆れつハンター


Released on year:2011

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:148


In the mystical land of Spooner, a realm ruled by aristocratic sorcerers, the abuse of their powers has reached alarming heights. The time has come for a courageous group to rise against this tyranny. Led by the enigmatic figure known as Big Momma, this formidable team comprises the extraordinary Carrot, whose transformation into a gargantuan monster serves as a fearsome weapon against magical spells. Accompanying Carrot are the mighty Gateau, a paragon of physical prowess, the intuitive mage Marron, and the irresistible duo of Chocolate and Tira, who possess the ability to effortlessly assume the role of captivating dominatrixes. Together, they are destined to embark on a perilous mission: to protect the vulnerable and put an end to the atrocious persecution inflicted upon the defenseless by these malevolent sorcerers. Nonetheless, amongst the valiant members of this squad, only Marron seems to possess an inkling of the true extent of the treachery that plagues their once peaceful land. Join them on a thrilling journey as they confront sinister forces, unravel mysteries, and strive to restore harmony and justice in the face of overwhelming odds.