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Soredemo Machi ga Mawatteiru Lyrics
Title: Soredemo Machi ga Mawatteiru
Released on year:2010
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:12


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Hotori Arashiyama loves mysteries, but there's one she can't solve: why does the answer to one problem appear to lead inevitably to another? Like how when Hotori has to start working after school at the Seaside Maid Cafe to pay off a debt and, thankfully, her friend Toshiko knows exactly how to operate a Maid Cafe. That is fortunate because Hotori has no idea. Unfortunately, except that Toshiko has little interest in working in the cafe until she figures out that Hotori's childhood friend Hiroyuki is a regular. No one appears to Me.Except that Hotori doesn't realize that while Toshiko loves Hiroyuki, Hiroyuki loves Hotori secretly, while Hotori secretly has a crush on .



No, no more spoilers!As if this isn't enough drama, there's college, frustration with a certain math instructor, table tennis between her friends, her younger brother versus the bad girl from school ... Even yet, while everything seems like it could collapse at any moment, Hotori's life somehow keeps going hilariously forward..

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And yet the Town Moves ( Japanese: γγ‚Œγ§γ‚‚η”Ίγ―ε»»γ£γ¦γ„γ‚‹, Hepburn: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru ), abbreviated as Soremachi ( γγ‚Œη”Ί ), is a series written and illustrated by Masakazu Ishiguro in Japanese manga. The manga ran from March 30th, 2005, to October 28th, 2016 in the monthly magazine Young King OURs and was compiled into seventeen bound volumes in Japan. The adaptation of Shaft's anime television series was broadcast from 8 October 2010 to 24 December 2010.The series follows the adventures of whiny Hotori Arashiyama, her friends at the nearby maid cafΓ©, relatives, neighbors, shopkeepers and colleagues.
Occasionally, the traditional slice of life style is interspersed with tales about aliens, ghosts and paranormalities.


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