Soul Hunter Songs Lyrics

Senkai Houshin Engi | Houshin Engi
Soul Hunter Songs Lyrics


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Soul Hunter Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Soul Hunter

Also Called:Senkai Houshin Engi | Houshin Engi


Released on year:2011

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:148


In a realm ages ago, where the mystical arts and sinister enchantments prevailed, a chilling era unfolded. A vile sorceress, wielding the power of darkness, ensnared the emperor of a once-mighty dynasty, reducing him to a mere marionette devoid of free will. As chaos gripped the land and malevolent spirits loomed at every corner, peril cast its ominous shadow upon humanity's fate. Determined to confront this peril head-on, the Confederation of the Immortal Masters devised a daring venture. Entrusted with the task, a young prodigious sorcerer embarks on a treacherous quest to vanquish the abhorrent villains and unholy warlocks rampant in the desolated domains.