Soultaker Songs Lyrics

Soultaker Songs Lyrics


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Soultaker Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:2012

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


One fateful night, Kyousuke Date returns home to a horrifying sight - his mother lying lifeless in a pool of her own blood. In her dying moments, she unexpectedly thrusts a dagger into Kyousuke's chest, leaving him bewildered and shaken. After a remarkable recovery, Kyousuke embarks on a relentless quest for answers, desperate to unravel the enigma behind his mother's tragic demise. Little does he know, his pursuit will expose him to a treacherous web of deceit and violence, orchestrated by two formidable factions: the Hospital and the Kirihara Group. In the midst of the chaos and confusion, Kyousuke uncovers an astounding revelation - the existence of a long-lost twin sister named Runa. However, both organizations seek to exploit Kyousuke's ignorance about Runa, willing to go to any lengths to extract vital information from him. As the relentless attacks persist, Kyousuke's world is suddenly revolutionized once again - he discovers an extraordinary ability to transform into a formidable mutant known as the SoulTaker. Empowered by this newfound identity, Kyousuke vows to crush both rival factions, relentlessly pursuing the truth behind his mother's actions, all while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of his beloved sister, Runa.