Souten no Ken Songs Lyrics

Fist of the Blue Sky | 蒼天の拳
Souten no Ken Songs Lyrics


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Souten no Ken Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Souten no Ken

Also Called:Fist of the Blue Sky | 蒼天の拳


Released on year:2006

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:22


Immersed in the intriguing backdrop of pre-war Shanghai, a shadowy figure emerges, known only as "the King of Death." In this gripping prequel to the renowned Fist of the North Star series, pulse-pounding action takes center stage. Step into the dangerous fray of 1930s Shanghai, where foreign powers and Chinese factions clash, meticulously dividing the city into unholy territories governed by twisted laws and rampant corruption. Amidst this treacherous maze of power struggles, the streets are held captive by local gangs, perpetuating an atmosphere where life is expendable and death lurks relentlessly. Once, a formidable warrior roamed these unforgiving streets, his true identity shrouded in mystery, his moniker resonating like a haunting melody - Yan Wang, the infamous "King of Death." Whispers of his mastery in Hokuto Shinken, the fabled Fist of the North Star martial art, circulated among the fearful masses. However, he vanished into the shadows after vanquishing the city's most nefarious gangsters. Rumor has it that he now hides in faraway Japan, enticing a motley crew of seekers to embark on a relentless pursuit to find him. Venture into the captivating depths of this pre-war realm, where enthralling encounters and electrifying confrontations await. Who will lay claim to the enigmatic King of Death? Amidst this riveting web of suspense, only time will unveil the answer.