Spice and Wolf Songs Lyrics

Spice and Wolf Songs Lyrics


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Spice and Wolf Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Spice and Wolf

Also Called:狼と香辛料


Released on year:2009

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


Journeying amidst the vast landscape, the intrepid merchant Kraft Lawrence embarks on a thrilling expedition with his enigmatic companion, the wolf deity Holo. Their quest remains untamed as they relentlessly pursue the elusive Yoitsu, Holo's ancestral home. Along their treacherous path, the duo encounters not only profitable opportunities but also uncovers crucial insights about Holo's enigmatic origins. In this epic adventure, Lawrence's astute mind continues to weave ingenious schemes, earning them meager gains as they navigate unknown territories. However, their evolving relationship faces unforeseen challenges as a charming rival merchant sets his sights on captivating Holo's attention. Doubts begin to cloud Lawrence's mind, questioning whether Holo will remain steadfast in their shared endeavors. Aspiring to realize his ultimate ambition of becoming a prosperous shop owner, Lawrence delves into precarious business deals that threaten to jeopardize their harmonious existence. Treading upon perilous ground, the duo must navigate a labyrinth of doubts and uncertainties as Lawrence grapples with the decision of whether to release Holo from their intertwined destinies. This awe-inspiring journey intimately examines the bond between these two exceptional souls, as they confront trials that put their fortitude to the test. While unearthing hidden truths and traversing uncharted territories, Lawrence's unwavering determination propels him closer to his dreams. Will the connection between Lawrence and Holo withstand the hardships they encounter or will they part ways at the crossroads of their entwined fates?