Spriggan Songs Lyrics

Spriggan Songs Lyrics


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Spriggan Songs
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Released on year:2014

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


In the depths of time, well before humanity emerged on Earth, an extraordinary race of advanced extraterrestrial beings once thrived. Sadly, their existence was marked by an undeniable arrogance, resulting in their own eventual downfall. Nevertheless, they left behind an indelible legacy: indestructible tablets etched with a dire warning directed at future civilizations. This warning admonished those who would come after to annihilate any remnants of their calamitous technology, lest it bring forth untold destruction. In the present day, the esteemed ARCAM Corporation and their formidable paramilitary unit, known as the Spriggans, have taken up the mantle of safeguarding the world from the perils of these ancient relics. Their primary objective is to foil the schemes of rogue entities seeking to exploit the unimaginable power locked within. Recent developments have led ARCAM to a remarkable discovery nestled within the hallowed Ararat Mountains—an awe-inspiring sight considered by many to be the fabled Noah's Ark. Consequently, the enigmatic and resourceful Spriggan operative, Yuu Ominae, is promptly dispatched to delve into this cryptic phenomenon. However, unforeseen challenges arise when the US Machine Corps—the radical faction operating within the Department of Defense—decides to ambush the team at the expedition site. Under the audacious leadership of Colonel MacDougall, driven by the Pentagon's unwavering mandate, the Machine Corps resolutely endeavors to seize ARCAM's esteemed scientist and lay claim to the extraordinary artifact. In this critical hour, Yuu finds himself joining forces with the seasoned Spriggan, Jean Jacquemondo, in a race against time to obstruct MacDougall and his elite corps. Their mission: to halt the relentless advance upon the Ark before catastrophe strikes unabated. Thus, brace yourself as this thrilling tale unravels, where ancient secrets intertwine with cutting-edge military prowess, and the fate of humanity teeters on a precipice of uncertainty.