Spy x Family Songs Lyrics

SPY×FAMILY | スパイファミリー
Spy x Family Songs Lyrics


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Spy x Family Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Spy x Family

Also Called:SPY×FAMILY | スパイファミリー


Released in:Spring


In the tumultuous realm where corrupt politicians, fervent nationalists, and warmongering factions vie for power, the delicate peace between neighboring nations Ostania and Westalis hangs by a thread. It is within this treacherous landscape that a formidable spy, known as "Twilight," fearlessly ventures into the heart of danger. With unparalleled expertise in the art of camouflage and deception, Twilight undertakes perilous missions, driven by a singular mission: to safeguard innocent children from the ravages of war. In the vibrant city of Berlint, nestled amidst the Ostanian streets teeming with activity, Twilight assumes the identity of an esteemed psychiatrist named "Loid Forger." Yet, behind this facade of respectability lies an ulterior motive: to unearth critical intelligence on the enigmatic politician, Donovan Desmond. Cunningly discerning that Desmond seldom appears in public except at his sons' prestigious enclave, Eden Academy, Twilight formulates an audacious plan. Enlisting the assistance of Yor Briar, an unmarried city hall clerk endowed with her own hidden talents, and adopting the inquisitive orphan Anya as his ersatz daughter, Loid sets his scheme in motion. His objective: to enroll Anya seamlessly into Eden Academy, where her remarkable aptitude will serve as the key to meeting Donovan clandestinely, while eluding the prying eyes of suspicion. Yet, in this intricate web of subterfuge, Loid encounters an unforeseen hurdle. The daunting task of portraying a loving father and devoted husband tests Loid's own capabilities, even as he grapples with concealing his true identity. Similarly, Yor, a clandestine assassin known as the enigmatic "Thorn Princess," and young Anya, a prodigious esper capable of delving into the depths of minds, guard their own secrets with unwavering resolve. Although founded on deception, this seemingly picture-perfect family discovers that the bonds of love that unite them transcend all else, bringing them closer together. In a riveting tale of espionage, seeped in shadows and secrets, the Forger family finds themselves embroiled in a delicate dance between truth and lies. As their intricate web of deceit unravels, they navigate the treacherous path ahead, driven by an unwavering devotion to each other.


The prestigious title of Anime of the Year (TV Series) was gracefully bestowed upon this exceptional masterpiece during the illustrious 2023 Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF).