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Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry Lyrics
Title: Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry
Also Called:Soukou no Strain
Released on year:2006
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:13


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Humanity will in the near future be split into two factions: Union and Deague. They fought so long a war against each other that when it began, nobody remembered. The Union Military's backbone is the manned Strain weapons system, while the Deague uses an autonomous variant, the Tumoru.Sara Werec, a respectable family's daughter, is a 16-year-old girl who attends Grapera Space Armed Soldier Academy located in the Cranial Solar System, where she trains to become a full-fledged Reasoner (a Strain pilot).
Her uncle, Ralph Werec, was sent 130 light-years away to the frontline to achieve a special mission when she was 11 years old, a distance that takes 400 years of objective time for even the fastest Union spacecraft to travel.

However, this corresponds to just two subjective years (time as felt by those inside the spacecraft) according to the relativity principle.When they were young the two had lost their parents and the bond between the two is very strong. It's Sara's dearest desire to meet her dad. To do that, she will fly to where he is at the battlefield.One day, the world of Sara's is unexpectedly invaded by the powers of Deague.
To her shock, one of the raiders who successfully abducted a mysterious girl sleeping in a capsule turns out to be her brother Ralph.

Sara gets in a Strain to find the truth, and chases after him. She is assaulted by Ralph, however, and the Mimic is destroyed, a copy of the pilot's brain that is necessary for controlling the Strain..

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Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry ( 奏光のストレイン, Sōkō no Sutorein ) ( stylized as Str.A.In.: Strategic Armored Infantry ) by Happinet and Studio Fantasia, is a mecha anime series. As of November 1, 2006, it premiered on WOWOW in Japan. In the magazine Dragon Age, a manga adaptation is being serialised. The series design is loosely based on novels by Frances Hodgson Burnett, most notably A Little Princess but also Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Hidden Garden. Also, the series draws certain elements from the Gundam franchise. Texas-based licensor FUNimation Entertainment revealed its Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry licensing on 15 May 2008.
The anime became released in a complete DVD release in North America on January 27, 2009.


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