Strange Dawn Songs Lyrics

Strange Dawn Songs Lyrics


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Strange Dawn Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Strange Dawn


Released on year:2019

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


In a realm far from ordinary, two young girls named Yuko and Eri find themselves thrust into an extraordinary adventure. Transported to an alternate world brimming with miniature inhabitants, these ordinary girls become the extraordinary "Great Protectors," hailed by the tiny folk as saviors destined to safeguard their land in times of dire need. Allying themselves with a brave group of warriors hailing from the village, Yuko and Eri embark on a perilous mission. Their quest: to unravel the enigma behind their inexplicable arrival and seek a passage back to their own realm. However, as they delve deeper into this fantastical realm, they discover a volatile conflict brewing beneath the surface. With their presence, the power-hungry factions in this realm view them as valuable pawns, vying to utilize their influence to rally the people to their respective causes. Yuko and Eri must navigate the intricate webs of politics and power struggles while upholding their duty as the mythical Great Protectors. Will they succeed in uncovering the truth behind their entrapment and find a way to return home? Only fate can unveil the answers that lie ahead for these brave heroines.