Strawberry Panic! Songs Lyrics

Strawberry Panic! Songs Lyrics


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Strawberry Panic! Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Strawberry Panic!


Released on year:2005

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


Nagisa Aoi embarks on an exciting new chapter of her life as she enters the prestigious St. Miator's Girls Academy. This renowned all-girls institution, nestled atop Astraea Hill, holds countless secrets and captivating encounters. On her first day, Nagisa finds herself lost in the labyrinthine hallways, only to stumble upon a fascinating stranger. Enraptured by their elegance and charm, she wakes up in the infirmary, bewildered by the encounter. To her surprise, Nagisa awakens to the vivacious Tamao Suzumi, her assigned roommate, who eagerly acquaints her with the intricate social landscape within the academy. Amidst the lively conversation, Tamao unveils the existence of the exceptional being known as the Etoile, a star amongst all three schools. And who else but the enigmatic beauty Nagisa encountered earlier, Shizuma Hanazono, holds this illustrious title! As Nagisa's path intertwines with Shizuma's, she becomes the subject of intense curiosity and whispers throughout the campus. The palpable chemistry between them sparks intrigue, yet Nagisa senses something amiss in their connection. Delve into the captivating world of Strawberry Panic!, where the lives of Nagisa, Shizuma, and their friends from St. Miator's, St. Spica, and St. Lulim intertwine. Amidst the intricate entanglement of relationships, they confront hidden emotions, lingering regrets, and the exhilarating potential for new beginnings. Brace yourself for a journey that will keep you enthralled within the walls of this extraordinary academy.