Street Fighter 2 Songs Lyrics

Street Fighter 2 Songs Lyrics


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Street Fighter 2 Songs
Street Fighter 2 OVA Lyrics and other songs OVA Lyrics and other songs

Anime Information

Title:Street Fighter 2


Released on year:2006

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


Prepare yourself for an electrifying clash of the titans as the greatest warriors on the planet go head-to-head in a mind-blowing animated rendition of the legendary Street Fighter II arcade game! M. Bison, the nefarious mastermind behind the lethal organization Shadowloo, has hatched a diabolical scheme to exploit the world's mightiest martial artists. His insidious plan involves manipulating their very minds using the dreaded psycho power, thus transforming them into living weapons! To thwart Bison's wicked ambitions, the indomitable Interpol agent Chun-Li must forge an unlikely alliance with Major Guile from the esteemed United States Air Force. However, this formidable task will demand their utmost cooperation and lightning-fast reflexes. The clock is ticking as Bison closes in on Ryu, a wandering vagabond renowned as the unrivaled champion of hand-to-hand combat. Ryu's elusiveness poses a tremendous challenge, but his eternal adversary, Ken, may unwittingly provide a tantalizing lead, potentially granting Bison his dark desires. Will the valiant World Warriors outmaneuver Bison's sinister ploys and emerge victorious? Gather round, fellow aficionados, and bear witness to an awe-inspiring spectacle of skill, strategy, and sheer willpower! Brace yourself as the mightiest pugilists collide in an adrenaline-fueled showdown like no other. Street Fighter II: The Animated Adaptation will leave you breathless, enthralled, and eagerly anticipating every pulse-pounding moment of this epic battle for supremacy!