Suite PreCure♪ Songs Lyrics

Suite PreCure♪ Songs Lyrics


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Suite PreCure♪ Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Suite PreCure♪


Released on year:2004

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:49


Welcome to Major Land, a vibrant and enchanting realm where the magic of music reigns supreme. Within this mystical world, instruments and notes burst into life, captivating the hearts of all who listen. Each year, an extraordinary concert event takes place, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Hummy, the feline songstress of Major Land. Her melodic masterpiece, known as the "Melody of Happiness," possesses the extraordinary power to spread joy to far-reaching corners of the universe. However, the tranquility of this musical paradise is threatened when Mephisto, the ruthless king of Minor Land, stages an audacious interruption. With malevolent intentions, he wickedly reimagines Hummy's score, twisting it into a haunting composition known as the "Melody of Sorrow." This malicious tune is destined to inflict despair upon anyone who dares to listen. To avert this catastrophe, Hummy embarks on a crucial mission to locate the Precure, legendary warriors adorned with an unwavering passion for music. Their task? To assist her in restoring the Melody of Happiness to its rightful glory. Setting foot in Kanon Town, a haven for music enthusiasts, Hummy encounters Hibiki Houjou and Kanade Minamino, both remarkable individuals in their own right. However, buried beneath layers of discord and petty arguments, lies a once unbreakable bond of friendship between the duo. Tragically, their relationship has soured over time. It is in this tumultuous backdrop that their paths intertwine with Hummy's desperate cry for help. United by an overwhelming desire to safeguard what they hold dear, Hibiki and Kanade discover an incredible power resonating within their hearts. With this newfound strength, they undergo a breathtaking transformation, becoming the formidable Suite Precure! As legendary warriors, Hibiki and Kanade must set aside their personal conflicts and insecurities, joining forces to protect the very essence of happiness that defines their world. Prepare to be swept away in a symphony of excitement and courage as these dazzling heroines embark on an epic quest to restore harmony to Major Land and protect the hearts of all who cherish the magic of music. The stage is set, the battle begins, and the fate of an entire universe lies in their hands. Will they succeed in triumphing over darkness and melodious malevolence? Only time will tell.