Summer Wars Songs Lyrics

Summer Wars Songs Lyrics


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Summer Wars Songs
Summer Wars Ending Lyrics サマーウォーズ Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Summer Wars

Also Called:サマーウォーズ


Released on year:2014

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:13


The astonishing virtual realm of OZ has taken Japan by storm, captivating its inhabitants in a mesmerizing digital tapestry. Within this enchanting simulation, users can fashion a personalized avatar, unlocking a cornucopia of captivating features—from immersive gaming experiences to facilitating official documentations. OZ has radically transformed the world of communication, emerging as the ultimate tool of convenience and connectivity. But hidden within this fantastical oasis, a tale unfolds. Enter Kenji Koiso, a reserved and introspective moderator in the vibrant realm of OZ. Determined to dedicate his summer to ensure the seamless functioning of this awe-inspiring system, his plans take an unexpected turn. Fortune smiles upon him as he is unexpectedly invited by the spirited Natsuki Shinohara to accompany her to her ancestral abode—a gathering of the illustrious Jinnouchi clan, marking the momentous 90th birthday celebrations of her revered great-grandmother. As the duo arrives at their destination, Natsuki boldly introduces Kenji as her betrothed, stunning him and the esteemed matriarch. Surrounded by the whirlwind of events and navigating his emotions for Natsuki, a pivotal turning point arises. A clandestine text lands upon Kenji's mobile device, luring him with its intricate encryption. Driven by curiosity, he unveils its hidden secrets and inadvertently sets in motion a cataclysmic chain of events within the sprawling universe of OZ, with far-reaching consequences lurking at every corner.


Summer Wars captivated readers worldwide with its compelling narrative, and now this captivating series is available in English thanks to the publishing prowess of Vertical Inc. Delighting fans across two volumes, from October 22 to December 17, 2013, this enchanting tale comes alive in the English language with all its original charm preserved. Not only did Summer Wars capture the hearts of English-speaking readers, but it also found its place in the hearts of Brazilian fans as well. Jbc, a prominent publisher, brought this gem to Brazilian Portuguese-speaking readers, spreading the magic from February to April 2011. The international appeal of Summer Wars knows no bounds, as it has also made its mark in Poland. The esteemed publisher Waneko has obtained the license to bring this extraordinary series to Polish readers, allowing them to experience the same awe and wonder that fans worldwide have come to cherish.