Summertime Render Songs Lyrics

Summertime Render Songs Lyrics


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Summertime Render Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Summertime Render

Also Called:サマータイムレンダ


Released on year:2022

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:25


After the tragic demise of his parents, Shinpei Ajiro finds solace in the company of the Kofune sisters, Mio and Ushio. However, life takes an unexpected turn as Shinpei moves to Tokyo to embrace the independent lifestyle. Little did he know that fate had a cruel twist in store for him. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Ushio loses her life while courageously attempting to rescue young Shiori Kobayakawa from the clutches of a watery abyss. Overwhelmed by grief, Shinpei returns to his hometown, seeking solace in the familiar embrace of mourning. But as he delves deeper into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Ushio's demise, troubling doubts begin to arise. Unsettling marks on Ushio's neck cast doubt on the claimed cause of her untimely passing. Plagued by uncertainty, Shinpei becomes resolute in his conviction that there must be another explanation, an unseen truth lurking beneath the surface. Dark forces loom ominously over the island inhabitants, and a haunting vision from the lost Ushio unveils her final plea: "Save Mio." Embracing duty and fueled by relentless determination, Shinpei embarks on a perilous journey, joined by the unwavering support of Mio and a close-knit group of individuals. Together, they strive to unlock the enigma and ensure the safety of their loved ones amidst a swirling atmosphere of danger and despair. Yet, as secrets unfold and the stakes escalate, Shinpei finds himself entangled in a web of impossibilities, questioning how much more suffering he must endure in his race against time to salvage all he holds dear. Will Shinpei find a way to pierce through the encroaching darkness, saving not only his home island but also his cherished companions? Only by venturing into the unknown and confronting the sinister forces lurking in the shadows can he hope to unravel the twisted truths and shape a future free from the clutches of malevolence.


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