Sumomo mo Momo mo ~ Chijou Saikyou no Yome ~ Songs Lyrics

Sumomo mo Momo mo ~ Chijou Saikyou no Yome ~ Songs Lyrics


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Sumomo mo Momo mo ~ Chijou Saikyou no Yome ~ Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Sumomo mo Momo mo ~ Chijou Saikyou no Yome ~


Released on year:2006

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:50


Koushi Inuzuka, a bright high school student with ambitions to become a public prosecutor, finds himself caught in the midst of a unique predicament. Born into a family deeply rooted in martial arts, Koushi's life takes an unexpected turn when his father, an advocate of strength through combat, arranges a marriage for him with the daughter of his former adversary turned comrade. This union, according to his father, is to cultivate the most formidable martial arts lineage that Earth has ever witnessed. Fast forward to Koushi's high school years, blissfully unaware of the predetermined marriage awaiting him. Here enters Momoko Kuzuryuu, a charming but naive girl, sporting a petite stature while boasting exceptional martial arts skills. To Koushi's surprise, she proclaims herself as his bride-to-be, self-proclaimed as the Earth's strongest fighter. However, Koushi, with genuine concern and an aversion to the idea of romantic involvement with someone who resembles his own sibling, vehemently rejects her advances. Moreover, he remains clueless about her true identity. In the backdrop of this tumultuous affair, a fierce conflict erupts among the various martial arts families. Suddenly, Koushi finds himself targeted by numerous challengers and assassins. Among various challenges, he is also plagued by a deep-rooted fear of confrontation due to a traumatic incident from his childhood. In the face of these adversities, it falls upon Momoko, armed with her extraordinary combat skills, to protect her beloved "husband." Will this love-struck duo manage to overcome the trials and tribulations that lie ahead? And, perhaps more crucially, will Momoko achieve her fervent desire to conceive a child with Koushi? Only time will tell.