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Super Bikkuriman Lyrics
Title: Super Bikkuriman
Released on year:1992
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:44


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The World is nearly destroyed, and its cities ruined, after the great war between angels and demons. Wanting to restore peace and prosperity, four young children agree to fight against the evil army that is ruling the world to destroy the Earth and return it to hell.

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Bikkuriman ( ビックリマン ) is a line of Lotte generated wafer snacks, made notable for the randomly assorted bonus stickers inside each snack. Bikkuriman ( ビックリマン, “Surprise Man” ) was first published in 1977 and became widely popular in Japan with the launch of the Akuma vs Tenshi Seal ( 悪魔VS天使シール, Devil vs Angel Seal ) series of stickers, resulting in a substantial amount of media tie-ins.

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