Super Crooks Songs Lyrics

Super Crooks Songs Lyrics


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Super Crooks Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Super Crooks

Also Called:スーパー・クルックス


Released on year:2001

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:52


In the realm of high-stakes criminal activity, there's always one final gamble that holds the promise of ultimate freedom. It's the grand heist that could pave the way for a sweet retirement filled with leisurely pursuits. Yet, history has taught us a harsh lesson - numerous notorious villains have fallen prey to their delusions of a clean getaway. Unfortunately, our protagonist, known as the Heat, finds himself ensnared in a treacherous predicament. He has accumulated an insurmountable gambling debt that, if left unpaid, will result in his demise at the hands of ruthless mobsters. The Heat's predicament, however, strikes a chord with his ardent admirer, Johnny Bolt. Johnny, fueled by unwavering loyalty, concocts an audacious scheme to save the Heat from certain doom and catapult his comrades into unimaginable wealth. Boldly, he proposes an expedition to Spain, where they aim to outwit the most notorious super villain the world has ever witnessed. Yet, this mission is riddled with complexities and challenges that will put their skills and determination to the ultimate test. Can this band of misfit heroes successfully execute the most daring robbery in history while evading the clutches of their formidable adversary? The answer remains to be discovered.


This enthralling series takes its inspiration from the immensely popular comic created by the brilliant minds of Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu.