Super Cub Songs Lyrics

Super Cub Songs Lyrics


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Super Cub Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Super Cub

Also Called:スーパーカブ


Released on year:2001

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:52


Koguma, a quiet and introspective second-year high school student, finds herself adrift in a sea of emptiness. With no familial support, hobbies, companions, or aspirations to drive her forward, she navigates through life with a sense of aimlessness. However, one fateful afternoon, an unexpected encounter leads her to a vehicle emporium, igniting a flicker of hope within her stagnant existence. Like a beacon guiding her towards a renewed sense of purpose, Koguma sets her sights on a formidable yet elusive motor scooter. Eager to seize the opportunity and escape the humdrum routine, she approaches the tantalizing machines, only to be disheartened by their exorbitant price tags. Just as she is about to resign herself to her monotonous fate, a glimmer of serendipity shines upon her. The tenacious owner of the establishment presents her with an alluring proposition—a pre-owned Honda Super Cub for a mere ten thousand yen. Overwhelmed by a surge of optimism, Koguma's eyes lock onto this humble yet promising vehicle. Driven by the belief that this motorcycle can inject vibrancy into her otherwise lackluster world, she seizes the opportunity with unwavering determination. And so, armed with her trusty Super Cub, Koguma embarks on a series of whimsical escapades throughout her resplendent town. With each thrilling journey, she forges profound connections beyond measure, fostering invaluable friendships that encapsulate the essence of her newfound existence. Bound for a future teeming with endless possibilities, our intrepid protagonist fearlessly propels herself towards a life brimming with excitement and fulfillment.