Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross Songs Lyrics

Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross Songs Lyrics


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Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Super Dimensional Calvary Southern Cross


Released on year:2019

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:11


In a world forever changed by the arrival of an enigmatic spaceship from the depths of the cosmos, humanity found itself confronted with a startling revelation: they were not alone in the universe. Gripped by a visceral fear of potential extraterrestrial adversaries, the nations of the globe set aside their differences, burying their conflicting interests and cultural divides beneath the unwavering banner of the United Nations. Under the auspices of this newly-formed unity, the remarkable decision was made to repurpose the alien craft, christened as the mighty SDF-1 Macross. No sooner had the colossal vessel embarked on its inaugural voyage, destiny took an unexpected turn. Breaking through the boundaries of Earth's atmosphere, a menacing fleet of interstellar warships, hailing from a race known as the Zentradi, descended upon our fragile planet. Displaying an audacious independent streak, the fortified Macross sprang into action, unleashing a torrent of firepower that defied the invaders' onslaught. And thus, an intergalactic conflict was ignited, casting humanity into an abyss of uncertainty and peril. Desperate to secure their survival amidst this chaos, the Macross endeavored to escape by soaring towards the sanctuary of the Moon's orbit. Yet, in an unanticipated twist of fate, the ship, along with the entire metropolis ensconced within its colossal frame, found themselves instantaneously transported to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. In this crucible of cosmic turmoil, fate intertwines the lives of Hikaru Ichijou, a spirited daredevil of a pilot, and Minmay Lynn, an aspiring songstress with dreams as vast as the universe itself. Together with the resilient crew of the Macross, they navigate a treacherous odyssey fraught with heart-wrenching grief, captivating drama, and the grim realities of warfare, challenging their very essence as human beings.