Super Yo-Yo Songs Lyrics

Chosoku Spinner
Super Yo-Yo Songs Lyrics


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Super Yo-Yo Songs
Super Yo-Yo Opening Lyrics Chosoku Spinner Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Super Yo-Yo

Also Called:Chosoku Spinner


Released on year:1995

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:39


In the vast expanse of Planet Vegeta, the birthplace of the legendary Saiyan warriors, a remarkable event unfolded forty-one years ago. King Vegeta himself, ruler of the Saiyan race, discovered an infant named Broly whose innate power surpassed even that of his own son. Recognizing the immense potential within the baby, King Vegeta made a fateful decision: he banished Broly to the desolate planet Vampa, fearing that one day his might would surpass the prince's own strength. Broly's desperate father, Paragus, vowed to rescue his son and bravely embarked on a mission to the forsaken world. The harsh and unforgiving years passed on Vampa as both father and son endured their isolated existence, ignorant of the unforeseen salvation that awaited them. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the universe, Gokuu Son and Prince Vegeta were diligently honing their skills on a secluded island. Their intense training sessions, designed to push their limits, were suddenly thwarted by the unexpected arrival of their arch-nemesis, Frieza. Frieza wasted no time in revealing his newfound allies to Gokuu and Vegeta. Among them stood Paragus, armed with a weapon more potent than ever before: his son, Broly. A cataclysmic clash, capable of shattering the very foundations of the world, ensued as Gokuu, Vegeta, and Broly clashed in an awe-inspiring battle of unmatched proportions. Witness the struggle as these formidable warriors from different factions collide, each driven by their own motivations and sentiments. Prepare yourself for an epic spectacle as Gokuu and Vegeta, the presumed last surviving Saiyans, face off against the prodigious might of Broly. This warrior, unchained and the embodiment of pure fury, possesses a raw power that threatens to shake the very fabric of reality itself. Brace for an extraordinary display of strength, valor, and determination as this exceptional trio sets the stage for an encounter that will forever impact the destiny of the Saiyan race and reshape the annals of history forever.