SYNDUALITY Noir Songs Lyrics

SYNDUALITY Noir Songs Lyrics


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Released on year:2023

Released in:Summer


In the distant future of 2242, humanity found itself forced into the depths of the earth, seeking refuge from the catastrophic phenomenon known as the "Tears of the New Moon." However, after the collapse of the underground city-state called "Amasia," a flicker of hope ignited within their hearts, compelling them to once again venture towards the surface. Scattered across this transformed world, settlements known as "Nests" emerged, acting as bastions of safety. Within these unforgiving lands, brave souls, known as "Drifters," committed to the daunting and relentless battle against the menacing "Enders," while relentlessly mining the invaluable "AO Crystals." These enchanting crystalline structures served as a lifeline, providing the essential energy required for the survival of the Nests. Deep within the heart of the bustling Nest known as "Rock Town," a young dreamer named "Kanata" harbored an insatiable longing to one day become a revered Drifter. Alongside the skilled and experienced Drifter named "Tokio," the duo embarked on a daring expedition into the remains of an ancient museum. Little did they know that within those decaying walls, an extraordinary and captivating being awaited them – a slumbering "Magus" of unparalleled beauty and enigmatic power. As Kanata and Tokio unexpectedly crossed paths with the mysterious and alluring Magus named "Noir," a chain of events set forth a captivating tale of destiny, gradually unfurling before their very eyes. Be prepared to join them on this awe-inspiring journey as the web of fate intricately weaves itself, revealing secrets that will forever alter the course of their lives.