Tactics Songs Lyrics

Tactics Songs Lyrics


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Tactics Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:2004

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:25


Ichinomiya Kantarou was blessed with a rare gift from a young age - the ability to perceive and interact with demons. However, instead of basking in the marvel of his extraordinary capability, he found himself ridiculed and shunned by those who couldn't fathom such supernatural encounters. His turbulent journey took an unexpected turn as he formed an unlikely bond with these enigmatic creatures, fostering a deep affinity for their existence. Fate, it seemed, had something grand in store for Kantarou. Whispers reached his ears, tales of a formidable demon, known as the ogre-eating Tengu, whose power was unparalleled. The mere notion of such a magnificent being took hold of Kantarou's imagination, compelling him to embark on an arduous quest to locate and befriend this elusive entity. From that moment forward, he bestowed upon the Tengu the name Haruka, a symbol of the unwavering bond that awaited them. Driven by his unyielding determination, Kantarou traversed vast landscapes, leaving no stone unturned, in his tireless pursuit of the ogre-eating Tengu. In the face of adversity, he utilized his extraordinary abilities to chronicle the wonders of folklore and combat malevolent spirits. As fate would have it, a shimmering glimmer of hope emerged when rumor reached his ears, speaking of a hallowed shrine in the vicinity. It was said to be the very sanctuary where the fearsome Tengu had been confined, waiting patiently to be discovered once more. Little did Kantarou know, this gateway into the realm of demons would ignite an extraordinary journey teeming with otherworldly encounters, fortified by his relentless spirit and unwavering resolve.