Tales of Eternia Songs Lyrics

Tales of Eternia Songs Lyrics


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Tales of Eternia Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tales of Eternia


Released on year:2021

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:20


In the magnificent realm of Eternia, two celestial bodies, Inferia and Celestia, intertwine their destinies through an ethereal barrier known as the "Orbus Barrier." It is within this captivating tapestry that a young, and courageous girl named Meredy from Celestia embarks on an extraordinary mission to seek aid from the fabled Inferian summoning elements—The Greater Craymels. Meredy's noble quest is driven by a dire purpose: to prevent an imminent catastrophe known as the "Grand Fall," a catastrophic collision between these harmoniously connected worlds. With unwavering determination, she sets foot upon the mystical land of Inferia, and fate unites her with a trio of gallant villagers named Rid, Farah, and Keel. Within their fellowship lies the very hope for the salvation of Eternia, as they traverse uncharted territories, encountering daunting challenges and unforeseen dangers along the way. This spellbinding journey draws inspiration from the renowned game, Tales of Eternia, crafted by the esteemed creators at Namco. Embark on an unforgettable adventure—a tale brimming with mystical wonders, perilous encounters, and unbreakable bonds as the destinies of Inferia and Celestia intertwine like never before. Will the combined strength of our valiant heroes be enough to avert the impending catastrophe and preserve the extraordinary world of Eternia? Only time will reveal the answer in this captivating odyssey of sacrifice, courage, and destiny.