TALES OF LUMINARIA The Fateful Crossroad Songs Lyrics

Tales of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad
TALES OF LUMINARIA The Fateful Crossroad Songs Lyrics


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TALES OF LUMINARIA The Fateful Crossroad Songs

Anime Information

Title:TALES OF LUMINARIA The Fateful Crossroad

Also Called:Tales of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad


Released on year:2022

Num Episodes:1


In the distant past, a land of staggering beauty was populated by colossal creatures that have now been frozen in stone. These majestic beings harbored an abundance of an extraordinary force known as Mana, irresistibly attracting those who sought its power. As communities sprouted, civilizations flourished around these divine creatures, aptly named the 'Primordial Beasts'. The people worshipped them, intertwining their lives with these celestial guardians. Fast forward to the present era, where the remnants of a forgotten age clash amidst a tempestuous conflict. The Jerle Federation, an alliance bound by their unwavering devotion to the Primordial Beasts, find themselves embroiled in a bitter war against the formidable Gildllan Empire. The empire, fueled by groundbreaking technology, has experienced unprecedented progress, thus igniting the flames of war even brighter. Within this tumultuous backdrop, an extraordinary animated spectacle unfolds, revealing a pivotal moment in the tale of Luminaria. It breathes life into the game's profound theme of "challenging conflicting notions of justice". Prepare to be transported into a world where opposing ideologies collide, capturing the essence of a captivating battle between light and darkness.


Introducing the riveting world of Tales of Luminaria, an extraordinary mobile RPG created by the gaming powerhouse, Bandai Namco Entertainment. Prepare to embark on a breathtaking adventure set in the renowned Tales of series.