Tales of the Abyss: the Animation Lyrics

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Tales of the Abyss: the Animation Lyrics
Title: Tales of the Abyss: the Animation
Released on year:2018
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:26


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Ren Amamiya, a new transfer student at Shujin Academy, is sent to Tokyo to live with his family friend Sojiro Sakura after being wrongfully sentenced to probation for defending a woman against sexual assault. Ren notices a strange app has appeared on his phone, transferring him to a world known as the Metaverse, which contains people's "shadows": distorted depictions of their true selves, while on his way to his first day at his new school. He awakens his Persona in the Metaverse, a power from within that gives him the strength to fight the shadows. He forms the Phantom Thieves of Hearts with the help of other troubled students in an attempt to save people from their sinful desires by "taking their heart," making evildoers regret their actions and turn over a new leaf.

The group's reputation continues to soar, bringing with it both positive and negative celebrity.
Ren, on the other hand, is apprehended and detained at the height of their popularity. He awakens to a harsh interrogation, but it is cut short when Sae Niijima, a prosecutor seeking answers, arrives. What will she think of his story, and what happens to the Phantom Thieves?

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Tales of the Abyss (Japanese:, Hepburn: Teiruzu Obu Ji Abisu) is the eighth main title in the Tales series, developed by Namco Tales Studio. The game was originally released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan by Namco in December 2005, and in North America by Bandai Namco Games in October 2006. Director Yoshito Higuchi, producer Makoto Yoshizumi, and character artist Ksuke Fujishima were among the project's creators. The game includes the opening theme song "Karma" by Bump of Chicken, which is replaced with an instrumental version in the western release by series composers Motoi Sakuraba and Shinji Tamura. To Know the Meaning of One's Birth RPG (RPG, Umareta Imi o Shiru RPG) is the genre name given to Tales of the Abyss by Namco.

In June 2011, a port for the Nintendo 3DS handheld was released in Japan, followed by releases in Australia and Europe in November 2011 and North America in February 2012.
The story is set in a fantasy world and follows Luke fon Fabre, a young swordsman whose privileged life is turned upside down when he unwittingly becomes the target of the Order of Lorelei, a military-religious organization that believes he is the key to an ancient prophecy. Luke attempts to uncover the truth and significance of his own birth, as well as the mystery of The Score, the prophecy that has bound humanity's actions for thousands of years, with the help of his companions.

The game's original console and handheld releases received mostly positive reviews, with critics praising the game's combat system while pointing out that the plot moved slowly and followed many standard Japanese role-playing game conventions. Around 734,000 copies of the PlayStation 2 version have been sold worldwide. Sunrise also produced a 26-episode anime adaptation, which aired on MBS in Japan between October 2008 and March 2009..

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