Tales of the Abyss: the Animation Songs Lyrics

Tales of the Abyss: the Animation Songs Lyrics


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Tales of the Abyss: the Animation Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tales of the Abyss: the Animation


Released on year:2018

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:26


Transitioning to a new educational institution can be a daunting endeavor, especially for the reserved and solitary Nobuaki Kanazawa. Unbeknownst to his peers, he harbors an aversion towards establishing social connections. However, the motive behind his reclusive behavior soon becomes glaringly evident when a cryptic text lands in his classmate's phones, signed by an enigmatic entity named "The King." The peculiar message introduces the twisted concept of the infamous "King's Game," wherein each member of the class becomes an unwitting participant. A unanimous participation mandate accompanies the chilling directive, emphasizing dire consequences for those who dare defy the monarch's rules. As the clock begins ticking with a sinister urgency, a mere twenty-four hours is all it takes for the King's wrath to descend upon those who refuse to oblige or exhibit any insubordination. Having endured the horrors of the King's Game in a previous encounter, Nobuaki, burdened by the weight of his traumatic past, endeavors to warn his unsuspecting classmates. Tragically, his words fall on deaf ears, and disbelief clouds their judgment until the King exacts its debut casualties. Ensnared within this nightmarish predicament, escape seems an unattainable feat for the hapless students, forcing Nobuaki to confront a harrowing dilemma: prioritize his own survival above all else or, perhaps redemptively, endeavor to save the lives of his companions, one that he failed to do so in the past.