Tamako Market Songs Lyrics

Tamako Market Songs Lyrics


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Tamako Market Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tamako Market

Also Called:たまこまーけっと


Released on year:2016

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


Nestled within the lively Usagiyama Shopping District lies a remarkable enclave of likeminded entrepreneurs, bound by tight-knit camaraderie. Within this unparalleled setting, we are introduced to the endearing Tamako Kitashirakawa, a delightful yet occasionally clumsy teenage girl. She hails from a distinguished lineage of mochi bakers, proudly overseeing their cherished establishment, Tama-ya. Unbeknownst to Tamako, her charmingly mundane existence is about to be transformed by a chance encounter. As fate would have it, Tamako stumbles upon an extraordinary avian creature, none other than the self-proclaimed aristocrat Dera Mochimazzi, who hails from a distant kingdom. Intriguingly, Dera unveils his noble mission, diligently seeking a suitable bride for his esteemed prince. Captivated by his regal aura, Tamako willingly embraces the unexpected role of a facilitator. With unwavering determination, she guides Dera through the labyrinthine dynamics of her community, their relationship blossoming in unforeseen ways. In the heartwarming midst of this enchanting tale, another narrative thread emerges - the unspoken affection between Tamako and her confidant, Mochizou Ooji. A clandestine romance subtly weaves its way through their shared moments, forever bound by their fathers' friendly mochi-making rivalry. It remains to be seen whether this rivalry will impede the budding romance or serve as a catalyst for a deeper connection. Yet, at the epicenter of this charming story lies the fate of Dera's entrusted mission - locating the destined bride for his beloved prince. A crescendo of anticipation awaits, as Tamako's vibrant community rallies together to dissolve mysteries, shape destinies, and celebrate the bond that unites them. Embark on an extraordinary journey into Usagiyama Shopping District, where mundane days transform into whimsical adventures, resonating with the pulsating beat of an extraordinary community.