TARI TARI Songs Lyrics

TARI TARI Songs Lyrics


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Anime Information



Released on year:2017

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


Shirahamazaka High School sets the stage for an extraordinary annual musical recital. Esteemed professionals and distinguished guests eagerly anticipate this grand event, where prodigious students unveil their musical prowess. Enter Konatsu Miyamoto, a tenacious third-year student, yearning to captivate the audience with her melodious voice in her final high school recital. However, her aspirations are thwarted by a regrettable mishap from the previous year, leading the stern vice principal to prohibit her participation. Undeterred, Konatsu devises an ingenious plan to immerse herself in the magical world of music. Instead of joining the official choir, she resolves to form her own singing club alongside her loyal comrades. Alas, the road to success proves far from facile. Her dear friend, Wakana Sakai, has resigned herself to silence, abandoning her passion for song. Moreover, Konatsu's ambitions are hindered by the pressing need for additional club members. With a mere month remaining until the enchanting recital, can Konatsu assemble a harmonious choir, tuning their talents to perfection, and fulfill her dream of captivating the audience at this paramount school event? Join the riveting journey as Konatsu strives to graduate without an ounce of remorse, defying all odds!