Tatakae! Ikusaa 1 Lyrics

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Tatakae! Ikusaa 1 Lyrics
Title: Tatakae! Ikusaa 1
Also Called:Fight! Iczer One
Released on year:1985
Num Episodes:3


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Nagisa is a schoolgirl with prejudices towards schoolgirls, who wakes up late, runs to school and encounters friends on the way. One morning, Nagisa sees a woman dressed in a strange uniform who seems to look at Nagisa, unnerving. Later that day, as Nagisa looks out of the window, she is conscious of a ball bouncing alone that moves towards her window seat, breaking the glass but not harming her ... Turning back to the edge, she discovers a gaping mouth with teeth inches bristling from her nose and no-one else. She yells, and with her standing and her class's interest core the world returns to usual .



Why was she just screaming?.

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