Tears to Tiara Songs Lyrics

Tears to Tiara Songs Lyrics


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Tears to Tiara Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tears to Tiara


Released on year:2008

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:13


As the Holy Empire ascends to supremacy, its omnipotent grip extends to the neighboring lands, gradually subjugating all in its path. Even the tranquil island of Erin, inhabited by the Gael tribe, falls under the Empire's iron fist. In this dire unfolding of events, a resilient priestess named Riannon becomes a pawn in a sinister plot, destined to be sacrificed to none other than the nefarious demon king Arawn. Whispers of Arawn's destructive past reverberate across the land, instilling fear and foreboding in the hearts of all who hear. But hope is not lost. Riannon's valiant brother, Arthur, the formidable First Warrior, emerges as the ray of salvation. Just as despair threatens to engulf them, Arthur defies the odds and rescues his beloved sister from the clutches of evil. As fate would have it, the moment of liberation is marked by the enigmatic arrival of Arawn himself. Displaying a deceptive guise as a striking, silver-haired figure, he extends a compelling offer to aid the Gael tribe's quest for freedom. With unwavering determination, Arthur, Riannon, and their courageous fellowship—comprised of a masterful swordsman, a nimble hunter, and a jubilant troupe of pixies—unite to confront the Empire, whilst gradually unearthing the dark secrets that shroud their beloved homeland.


Episode 1 had an exciting pre-airing online on April 3rd, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. The much-anticipated TV broadcast officially kicked off on April 6th, setting the stage for an extraordinary anime journey.