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Title: Techno Police 21C
Released on year:1982


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The story consists of a pursuit of a stolen MBT-99A tank, built by the U.S. Air Force (which is strange, but will become Eleanor's salvation, because it can be ejected before the tank explodes, like a fighter jet).On one scene where it seems like the tank is sure to get away, background music turns into cocktail-lounge jazz and sparkly lights swirl around the tank.
The tank holds six ATGM launchers (which Ken is somehow able to dislodge with minimal difficulty, along with a piece of the tower, towards the end of the movie), three on either side of the tower, and a laser-based machine-gun-esque addition,The tank's treads are dual-mounted (the tread is divided in half, giving the tank four sets of treads).

However, the use of the laser is counter-productive to the purpose of a machine-gun, as it can only shoot once every few seconds.If it can aim at higher levels, it does not, and attempts to gain a lock on its pursuer (Blader, in this case).
This implies poor ammunition efficiency, unlike a thousand-round-and-up machine guns commonly mounted on modern tanks. It does not appear to have any effect on the road either, which doesn't say anything about its ability.Another tank involved is the MBT-90D, which is deployed by the Army (or Air Force—the film never makes it clear if it is a joint operation, although the general who appears halfway through the film is seen riding in something similar to an ADATS) to pull out the tank.

Despite having at least one platoon of these, the MBT-99 still evades capture.
On the left side of the gun, the MBT-90D is fitted with three ATGM missile launchers and its main cannon is mounted on the top, rather than on a gun.After Ken and his team forced out the hijackers of the MBT-99 (who appear inside the tank after getting away from a recently committed bank robbery), recruited by a mysterious organization, backed up by a foreign nation seeking an edge in their military (the M-99 is presumably on its way to being tested at a different base).

Eleanor enters to test the ship, and it begins alone, having been programmed by the hijackers to head for a pier and drive off its end to collide with an enemy submarine.
The remainder of the film consists of chasing through the area, resulting in the destruction of another bank (owned by the same company that developed the first bank in the film) and numerous collateral damages..

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Techno Police 21C or Techno Police ( テクノポリス21C(トウェンティワンセンチュリー), Tekunoporisu Tuentiwan-Senchurī ) was produced by Toho Productions in 1982 and released on August 7, 1982. This has been dubbed into English by voice actors from Hong Kong.The plot of the anime film involves a group of advanced robot police attempting to rescue a stolen prototype tank. The film is an early anime presentation for a slightly older audience, at a time when there was not a lot of competition and before the clichés for this kind of action were set.
The anime was made during the Cold War, and the tank was stolen from a futuristic cargo aircraft and was designed to survive a neutron bomb attack, even though that weapon would destroy its crew, for the tank was computerized to continue fighting alone.

The robot tank will automatically explode when off ammunition.One argument that distinguishes this film's animation studio is that many monochromatic scenes are there to save money. All on the screen is blue when the hijackers are in the car they stole; when Eleanor starts driving it back everything on the screen is red. The Digital Police headquarters is in blue with another scene toward the middle..

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