Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Songs Lyrics

Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Songs Lyrics


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Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Songs
Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ending Lyrics てっぺんっ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ending Lyrics
Teppen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Opening Lyrics てっぺんっ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Opening Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:てっぺんっ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Released on year:2022

Released in:Summer


The Teppen Grand Prix, a prestigious competition rooted in the art of stand-up comedy, serves as a platform for enthusiasts to showcase their comedic talents. In the vibrant world of laughter, Yayoi Sakamoto along with her talented companions, Yomogi Takahashi and Yuzu Hosono, come together to form the dynamic stand-up trio known as Young Wai-Wai. This exceptional team has successfully navigated through the rigorous qualifying rounds, ultimately securing a spot in the highly anticipated grand finale. Immersing themselves in the hallowed halls of a legendary residence, where countless legendary comedians have resided before them, the trio discovers that success hinges upon their ability to elicit uproarious laughter from their discerning audience. In this spirited journey of sly wit and clever comedic timing, only one group will emerge triumphant as the crowd's laughter echoes through the illustrious corridors of the renowned establishment.