Terra e... Songs Lyrics

Terra e... Songs Lyrics


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Terra e... Songs
Terra e... Opening Lyrics 地球へ… Opening Lyrics
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Anime Information

Title:Terra e...

Also Called:地球へ…


Released on year:2007

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:24


Centuries have passed since the once flourishing Earth succumbed to irreversible destruction, transforming into the celestial entity known as Terra. In this extraordinary realm, a meticulously designed society dictated by rationality has emerged. Governing supercomputers reign supreme, shaping the destiny of its inhabitants. Infants are grown in artificial wombs, their parental assignments governed by chance alone. However, the true challenge lies ahead, as every fourteen-year-old must undertake the solemn "Adulthood Exam." Yet, amidst the seemingly flawless structure, humanity faces an ominous adversary: the dreaded "Mu." These evolved humans have become espers, posing an imminent threat to the established order. On the momentous day of Jomy Marquis Shin's Adulthood Exam commencement, he is met with an astonishing revelation. His cherished memories, the very essence of his being, are destined to be irrevocably erased. But fate has different plans in store for him as a beckoning voice, belonging to none other than Soldier Blue, the enigmatic leader of the Mu, resounds within him. An urgent directive materializes within his consciousness, urging him to cling onto his past. Seizing the unexpected opportunity, Jomy makes a daring escape aboard a Mu vessel, only to be confronted with an undeniable truth: he himself possesses esper abilities. Shockingly, the governing authorities have condemned him to a fate most dire. Yet there is hope, for Soldier Blue, nearing the end of his life, bestows upon Jomy the burden of leadership, bequeathing his own memories in an act of profound significance. Now, a monumental choice looms before Jomy: shall he safeguard the Mu within the shadows, or daringly challenge the very foundations of humanity to fulfill their long-lost dream of reclaiming Terra?