Texhnolyze Songs Lyrics

Texhnolyze Songs Lyrics


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Texhnolyze Songs
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Released on year:2021

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


Nestled within the depths of the shadowy underground metropolis known as Lux, inhabitants endure a life engulfed by fear and desolation under the iron grip of various criminal factions. The city, nearly severed from the surface, maintains a clandestine connection with the outside world solely through an exclusive mining endeavor referred to as "raffia" - the very lifeblood of Lux. This enigmatic material, accessible only within the city's boundaries, serves as the foundation for revolutionary "texhnolyze" transplants, allowing individuals to augment their bodies with cybernetic implants. These cutting-edge prosthetics possess a remarkable quality: they seamlessly integrate with their host's physiology, evading any adverse immune responses. Regulating this breakthrough technology and overseeing raffia production is an elusive organization known as the "Class," which has delegated its executive authority to a formidable group called Organo. Standing at the helm of Organo is Keigo Oonishi, an unyielding figure sporting texhnolyzed legs who is rumored to possess an uncanny ability to discern the city's cryptic whispers. However, the fragile equilibrium of power in Lux is shattered when an enigmatic figure named Kazuho Yoshii infiltrates the city, setting in motion a chain of criminal activities that ignite a powder keg of tension amongst the rival gangs. Within this chaotic maelstrom, two extraordinary individuals emerge: Ichise, a former boxer left mutilated by Organo's cruel hand, who is now bestowed with the gift of texhnolyzation by the skilled hands of Eriko "Doc" Kamata; and Ran, a visionary florist endowed with the rare ability to glimpse into the future. As the walls of sanity crumble and Lux spirals towards the brink of madness, the fates of Ichise and Ran intertwine, thrusting them into the heart of the city's most monumental crisis yet.


Texhnolyze mesmerized audiences when it graced the DVD shelves in six captivating volumes, courtesy of Geneon Entertainment Inc., spanning from April 6, 2004 to February 22, 2005. Recognizing the everlasting allure of this remarkable series, Funimation Entertainment later undertook the honorable duty of republishing the show in a grandiose complete DVD collection, which was made available on August 28, 2012.