The Marginal Service Songs Lyrics

The Marginal Service Songs Lyrics


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The Marginal Service Songs
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Anime Information

Title:The Marginal Service


Released on year:2023

Released in:Spring


Dismissed from the police force due to his history of reckless behavior, Officer Brian Nightraider finds himself engulfed in self-pity. However, his bleak existence takes an unexpected turn when he receives a captivating invitation from the United Nations Immigration Bureau Special Investigation Unit. The invitation extends an offer to join the secretive Marginal Service, an underground branch of the UN entrusted with the task of handling Borderlanders - a unique breed of aliens coexisting amongst humans. Presented as virtually indistinguishable from their human counterparts, these Borderlanders mask their true identities with startling ease. But a new threat looms in the form of a notorious Borderlander terrorist organization, responsible for manufacturing and disseminating the dangerously potent drug called Confu. Exploring the depths of this illicit drug-trafficking ring won't be a walk in the park, considering the Borderlanders' incredible regenerative abilities and their seamless integration into society as ordinary citizens. However, the Marginal Service, a band of somewhat unconventional yet undeniably resilient individuals, refuses to shy away from this arduous challenge. As they embark on their mission, these extraordinary individuals unearth shocking discoveries along the way, realizing that even the most unexpected figures may hide a Borderlander secret. Brace yourself as this gripping tale unfolds, revealing an intricate web of deception, danger, and the enigmatic world of Borderlanders.


The highly anticipated anime series, The Marginal Service, is now available on Blu-ray and comes in three exciting volumes. Released from July 5, 2023, to September 6, 2023, fans can now immerse themselves in the captivating world of The Marginal Service. Bring home the epic adventure, now in pristine high-definition, and embark on a journey like no other. Don't miss your chance to own this extraordinary series that has taken the anime community by storm. Grab your copy today and experience The Marginal Service in all its glory.