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The Three-Eyed One Lyrics
Title: The Three-Eyed One
Also Called:Mitsume ga Tooru
Released on year:1990
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:48

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He's a little boy with incredible strength. There is a third eye on his forehead which, if open, releases extremely dangerous magical energy which transforms him into an evil sorcerer, bent on destroying mankind and capable of summoning demons and wielding a red harpoon wand called Red Condor. Sharaku is forced to wear a bandage that covers his third eye to shield the humanity from his awful strength. Although his eye is shut, Sharaku knows nothing of his true nature or strength, and is unaware of the sinister attempts of his evil half to conquer the world.

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The Three-Eyed One ( 三つ目がとおる, Mitsume ga Tōru ) is Osamu Tezuka's sci-fi-romance manga. It was originally serialized from 7 July 1974 to 19 March 1978 in Weekly Shōnen Magazine and was later distributed by Kodansha in thirteen tankōbons. This tale is about Hosuke Sharaku ( "the Evil Prince" 悪魔のプリンス ), the heir to the "Three Eyed Ones" long-lost super civilization, and his best friend, Chiyoko Wato, with whom he solves numerous problems, sometimes of his own creation.In 1977 The Three-Eyed One tied for the Kodansha Manga Award with another Tezuka book, Black Jack.
After then, the manga has inspired a Shueisha TV special and later an anime whose 48 episodes ran from 18 October 1990 to 26 September 1991.

The main character appears in three video games: Natsume's Mitsume ga Tooru on the MSX in 1989, Tomy's Mitsume ga Tooru / The Three-Eyed One on the NES in 1992, Astro Boy: Sega's Omega Factor on Game Boy Advance ( 三つ目がとおる, Mitsume ga Tōru ) and Sega's Astro Boy on PlayStation 2 ( "the Evil Prince" 悪魔のプリンス )..

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